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Bridger is ready to work with you through your independent agency by offering you a state-of-the-art policy management system, in-house claims administration, and flexible underwriting for personal and commercial programs.

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    Product Features

    Bodily Injury

    Protects your financial interests in the event that you’re found at fault in an accident that harms other people.

    Property Damage

    Protects your financial interests in the event that you’re found at least partially at fault in an accident causing damage to another person’s vehicle.

    Medical Payments

    Coverage typically pays for medical costs when you’re injured in a vehicle accident, regardless of who is at fault.

    Uninsured Motorist

    Coverage applies when another driver is determined to be at least partially at fault for a car crash and has inadequate or no insurance coverage.

    Comprehensive COVERAGE

    Coverage helps you recover losses to your vehicle that aren’t caused by accidents. Examples include theft, vandalism, and fire.

    Collision Coverage

    Protect your financial interests when you cause an accident. If you do not purchase coverage, you will could be left to pay for repairs to your car out of pocket.

    Glass Deductible Waiver

    Repairs or replaces glass damaged due to a comprehensive loss with no deductible.

    Rental Reimbursement

    Repays the rental car expense up to the 30 days (within applicable limits) for covered comprehensive and collision losses.

    Special Equipment

    Protect your after-market additions by purchasing Special Equipment Coverage up to $1,000, subject to applicable deductible.

    What Our Clients Say!

    Roadside Assistance

    Available 24/7

    Professional assistance coordinators are training to meet our customers’ roadside needs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Every day of the year.


    Towing assistance up to 15-miles to the nearest service facility, issuing dealership, or other destination designated by the client.

    Emergency Supplies

    Run out of gas or the radiator low in anti-freeze? We provide assistance for gasoline, oil, fluid, and water.

    Flat Tire

    Flat tire assistance to inflate, repair, or replace the flat with the vehicle’s spare tire.

    Battery Assistance

    Car won’t start? Service personnel can provide a check on the electrical system and jump-start the batter if needed.


    We will contact a locksmith to allow entry into the vehicle. Duplicate keys can be made at insured’s request.