Bridger has its roots in providing California auto insurance since 1974, and grew to become one of the state’s largest providers. When Bridger took over in 2017, it did so with the intent of continuing to build on a successful legacy.


Quite simply, we are bridging the past to the future through innovative insurance products and technology, designed for a new generation of users. Simplifying the transactional process of insurance and speed through which claims are filed is one of Bridger’s main goals.


With a broker network exceeding 1,500 locations, California auto insurance with Bridger is just around any corner. The company holds licenses in Arizona and Texas and is planning further expansion beginning in 2018.

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Our Team

Kimo Winterbottom

Chief Executive Officer

At 6’4″, Kimo has the height to see into the future as Bridger’s visionary leader. With vast start-up experience raising more than $100-million in capital, he’s assembled an A-team of leaders to help guide Bridger’s path. He’s a get-it-done type guy with a passion for driving new insurance technologies and products.

Farhan Husain

Chief Innovation Officer

Farhan’s gears are always turning as the company’s lead engineer and statistician. He knows how to crunch and analyze the numbers through actuarial science, program management, analytics, and technology. He strives to take insurance to the next evolutionary step and is guided by a drive to turn such visions into reality. Agents... are you looking for new markets?

Adam Litke


As Bridger’s President, Adam’s role is to keep the troops in line, operations running smoothly, and to lead the implementation of Bridger’s vision. His versatile experience in the financial and insurance sectors provide him that unique ability to evenly balance the needs of the company with the drive to make it ever more successful.

DeeDee Engel

Chief Administration Officer

DeeDee’s versatility keeps everyone in the company on their toes. She drives much of the company’s culture for an open and fun environment, streamlines and creates a more practical flow for operations and administration, promotes collaboration, and ensures Bridger remains compliant with Federal and State regulations.

Chris Ruyak, ARe

Executive Vice President

Chris is driven by the challenge of constant dissatisfaction with the status quo; always searching for new opportunities. He is focused on new business development, products, and helping develop Bridger’s strategic plans for expanding services, carrier relationships and helping take the company into new markets.