Bridger Acquires SCJ Insurance Services to Launch Tech Platform

Bridger is providing simpler, cheaper, and easier-to-manage automotive insurance. Going the way of dinosaurs, burdensome insurance processes will be a thing of the past.

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The Bridge Between Tech & Touch

Bridger is the simple and rapid way to apply for, bind, and submit claims for commercial automobile insurance. Based on Bridger’s proprietary systems, it’s the bridge between technology and touch when managing your insurance needs.

Simplifying the Insurance Process

Less paperwork. Fewer headaches. No phone calls. It’s easy to fill in the fields from a mobile device while you’re on the run. When you need to file a claim, simply open the app and begin the process. If additional information is needed, a customer service rep will interact with you through texting directly within the app.

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Kimo Winterbottom, CEO

Martin Newby, COO