Bridger Solutions has launched its video library to assist agents in providing helpful solutions for working with insureds, processing steps in the policy management system, and to provide training resources for new agents.

The video library, launched in conjunction with Bridger Solutions, takes advantage of the high-streaming multi-media environment to provide agents with professional grade videos. Bridger established a full production in-house studio during the summer, and is featuring its own staff in every video. “Regardless if it’s a screen-share video highlighting Bridger’s policy management system, or a video explaining the company’s claims philosophy, using our staff brings more realism and believability to these videos”, stated Charles Bobo, Bridger’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Additionally, it gives agents the ability to put a face with a name with the company’s staff.”

As the company expands its product offerings and state offices, the video library will also continue to expand. It is built upon a filterable portfolio to make narrowing choices an on-the-fly action through simply clicking a keyword. Additionally, videos will appear in the results of the site’s home page search bar, along with blog posts, infographics, and specific pages.