Bridger’s mobile app for brokers is steadily gaining traction with agents throughout California who are writing non-standard auto insurance, and the reviews are strong. “We launched the mobile app as a way to follow through on Bridger’s vision, which is to make the insurance transaction process faster and easier,” stated Ed Mutch, Bridger’s Technology Product Manager. “This app saves brokers between 8-10 per-policy and reduces a three to four step process to one.”

The mobile app is needed for submitting vehicle photos for policies with comprehensive and collision coverage. When agents go outside to snap the photos, they simply launch the app, choose the policy and snap the photos. The photos automatically upload to the policy management system, and by the agents returns to their desk, the photos are already attached to the policy. A bonus in this process is that the photos are also emailed to the agency for their own records.

“Adoption was slow at first,” stated Ed, “but now its becoming habit for the agents once they see how incredibly simple and streamlined the photo process has become. We’ve gone from seeing a few per-week, to now seeing a steady daily stream photos submitted through the app.”

Bridger is running contests through the fall months and is giving away cash prizes and gift cards to the agencies binding the most policies using the mobile app. To learn more, click here.