Broker Mobile App — Save Time & Money!

The app is needed to submit photos for all comp and collision policies.

“The first time I used the app, I couldn’t believe how simple and quick it was. The photos immediately uploaded directly to the policy when I was in the parking lot. When I sat back down at my desk, the photos were already in the policy system. I had also received an email with the photos attached for my own records. I didn’t have to do anything!”

— Sergio R. with Fiesta Insurance

Bridger Mobile App

How it Works

Download & Set-Up

Step 1 —
Click Sign-Up at the bottom

Step 2 —
Enter your work email and click send verification

Step 3 —
Click the verification link sent to your email

Step 4 —
Enter your policy system log-in credentials and click I am a broker

Step 5 —
Create a new password, verify, and click create password

Step 6 —
Congratulations, you are ready to log-in to use the app

How to Use It

Questions? Email or call 925-474-3635