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Are you ready to build your agency? If you are a licensed Property Casualty California agent and are looking for new products to sell, you should consider becoming part of the Bridger team.

You care for clients. We care for you.

You want to make money and take care of your clients. We’re here to empower you to be successful in both endeavors. Our carriers are highly rated, so your customers will be insured by financially sound companies. Claims are handled in-house rather than by a disinterested third party, so you know it’s in our best interest to manage the claims process smoothly.

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Our Goals is to Earn Loyalty.

That’s loyalty from you and your policyholders. You’re happy when your policyholders are taken care of with good rates and report good claims experiences. We understand that connection, and are constantly developing new technology systems and client services to improve the transactional processes of insurance.

We want to help you earn more money, so our commissions are structured to reward you now for the sale, but also in the future. The better we’re able to serve your clients, the more likely they will want to renew their insurance with Bridger and give you the opportunity build a strong book of business.


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