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Welcome to BridgerAuto Training. Download the PDF underwriting documents, review the training video, and access the underwriting FAQs. This page will give you a jump start for writing BridgerAuto.

Policy System Video

Policy System Video

Download this file to review the set-up instructions for gaining access to Bridger’s Policy Management System, PolicyOne. This system provides an efficient and automated process for submitting and binding applications, and for managing customers’ policies.

Download this file for quick access to underwriting tips to make the most of the policies you sell. We strive to provide great coverage for your customers, while also minimizing fraud and controlling loss ratios.

This is the full underwriting manual for BridgerAuto, provided by KnightBrook Insurance. It includes everything needed for full claims procedures, discounts, coverage limits, billing, driver safety records, and other specifics needed to assure solid policy underwriting.

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