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Starting in 1974 as SCJ Insurance Services, the company become the largest non-standard auto program administrators in California. Bridger bought the company in June 2017 and is aggressively implementing strategies to assure long-term success.

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Quite simply, we are bridging the past to the future through innovative insurance products and technology, designed for a new generation of users. Simplifying the transactional process of insurance and speed through which claims are filed is one of Bridger’s main goals.

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There are more than 15,ooo policy holders and more than 2,000 broker locations in California. The company also holds licenses in Arizona and Texas and is planning further expansion into those states beginning in 2018.

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Innovation and Technology

The Sunniberg Bridge in Switzerland was an architectural and engineering game changer with its innovative design and structural integrity. To us, it’s a symbol of what is possible when technology, innovation, execution, and design converge.

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